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Full Service
Digital Agency

Full Service
Digital Agency

Who we are

You may have already met us, but the best way to get to know us is to give us a call and set a time to meet face-to-face or virtually – whatever you’re comfortable with.

To give you some idea, we’re three Aussie guys, who’ve known each other for years and united under xAgency to become a digital marketing powerhouse:

Big-Picture Strategist & Co-Founder

Sarkis Doueihi

Blessed at starting business long before the commercial internet was born, yet doubly blessed by joining the internet at the turn of the century just in time to ride its 'rise'.

Sarkis has expertise in operating both traditional offline businesses hand in hand with online businesses.

Having the best of both worlds gives him an edge in strategically designing success for his clients, as well as his own personal portfolio of businesses.

“The vision, the visual and the conversion.”

At the very core, we’re about growth, development and service and not just in the business sense – this is infused in our interactions with each other, our business culture and also throughout our personal lives.

For our customers, our philosophy of ‘zero to hero’ means we can take you from:

  • inception to production,
  • marketing to licensing, and
  • every stop in-between.

Why we’re different

We realised early on in our history that the only way to win on the internet is through an authentic connection to your tribe. We nurture tribes. We help you find yours and speak their language.

We work together to dive deeply into ideas. Then, we hone those ideas towards launching a targeted, impactful campaign that reaches further than you thought was possible.

“When you own your tribe, you hold the reigns of success.”

You might be serving your tribe or helping your customers serve theirs. That’s why we’ve designed clear and highly functioning strategies so you can see each piece of the puzzle do its job as the larger vision gets realised.

This includes:

  • the vision – 360-degree insight
  • the plan – strategic planning
  • your identity – brand inception & development
  • your image – purpose driven design
  • the site – website engineering & development
  • the value – product development
  • the message – content creation

What we offer

Some of our work


Flippin Happy


Revenue Builder

L’Orenta Nuts


The Lending Alliance

We’re ready to create impact