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Brand Development

Complete Brand Design

Brand design is about creating an emotional connection with your customer. It’s about making them feel that they know exactly who you are.

It goes way beyond logos and colours.

Let us create a kit of identifiers that frames who you are, creates a clear purpose in the eyes of your customers, and increases their confidence and trust in you.

It includes…

  • Fonts
  • Tag-lines
  • Values
  • Colours
  • Logos
  • The company name
  • and much more…

Clint set the creative direction and branding for AfterPay. The result has been fantastic - Clint turned the design around in great time and the work was exactly as briefed. It’s hard to find strategic creatives with an eye for design and detail. Will definitely be calling upon him again.

Nick MolnarCo-founder and U.S. CEO of Afterpay

Logo Design

Creating and designing a logo is a very delicate exercise. It must start with a strong understanding of your value system and evolve through feedback and collaboration.

Logo design is sometimes seen as a dark art. If you can articulate why your supporters love you, we can create the right logo.

The right logo wakes your client up to who you are and what you do. It illuminates your direction and acts as a beacon for your customers to see you approaching.

Brand Identity and Naming

It’s essential to have the right input, the proper stakeholder connection, and the right relationship to be able to know what we are trying to create. Starting with the right name is essential. A name that says what you do, who you are, and why you’re here.

It sets the right tone for you to be aligned to your industry, and for your customers to perceive you exactly as you intend.

Our intent is to set you and your business up for success with a name that exactly says:

  • Who you are,

  • What you represent, and

  • Why you do what you do and why your customers should care.

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