Initial Consultation

1. Objectives & Goals

We would like viewers when looking at these photos to feel…

Once viewers see these photos, we would like them to


By promoting these photos we would like to achieve

The photos will be promoted mainly on these channels

WebsiteFlyers/brochuresSocial mediaBusiness cardPowerPoint presentationsVideo presentationsPresentation foldersMerchandise

2. Talent to be used

Add names and photos of the models/talent

3. Creative format

Final creative needs to be delivered on the below formats, material and sizes



5x78x10Poster sizeRaw digital files

What quantity of photos are you looking for?

4. Examples

Add 2-3 examples of past photos so we get to know the personality, look and voice of your brand

Add 5-10 examples of photos that you want the mood and style of these photos to reflect

5. Creative brief

Shooting angles

Talent release forms required?

Key People who should be photographed


6. Location/s for the shoot

How many locations do you require to shoot in

What are the details of each location

7. Photo Licensing

What are the specifics of the licensing of imagery that you require.

8. Budget

Providing an indication of budget will help us manage your expectations of what is realistically achievable.

9. Shooting date and time

We would like the photographer to be available on the below date and time

In case of bad weather conditions, we would like the photographer to be available on this alternate date and time.

10. Photo delivery

I would like final photos to be delivered via

EmailDropboxGoogle DriveOther

On the following date

11. Inspiration

Are there any other sources of inspiration (links to Pinterest boards or similar) or files you'd like to share with us?

12. Primary Billing and Contact

Choose preferred contact method

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Why the long form?

In order for us to hit the ground running and align all of the planets in regards to your brand, we need to cut to the chase — this means that all of the dreams and aspirations you’ve had stored in your mind for some time now, need to be ‘dumped’ into this lovely form.*

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